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Important Things You Need to Know about Bubble Wrap

If you’re running a business which requires packaging different products that need to be delivered or shipped out, it’s ideal to use bubble wrap. This is a packaging material that most consumers are familiar with and is likely a product that you have in your facility if you are sending out packages by mail. Read on to know more about bubble wrap, how it is used, and how it is made, as well as the various things that you can do with bubble wrap for your business.

bubble wrapPhotography: Flickr | SoundSensei

What is Bubble Wrap?

A bubble wrap is a type of plastic that is designed to be transparent and pliable. It is used almost exclusively for the packaging of fragile items. They are typically made up of spherical hemispheres or bubbles that are filled with air and are spaced regularly so as to provide a cushion for items while in transit.

The term bubble wrap is actually a trademarked name. It was created by two inventors back in the 1950s. Their goal was not to create a packing material, but instead a type of plastic wallpaper. When that failed, they soon discovered that using it as a packing material was actually the best thing to do

bubble wrapPhotography: Flickr | Ewa

Usage and Its Composition

The primary use of bubble wrap is for wrapping fragile products within packages that are going to be shipped. These fragile products could be made of glass, or may simply have glass as part of the construction. They are something that could easily break if the package is accidentally dropped.

This bubble wrap is actually made of a plastic material called polyethylene. It typically has all of the bubbles on one side. This allows it to have what is called a lower permeation barrier. These bubbles typically measure 1/4 of an inch to 1 inch in diameter. Some bubble wrap is also made with what is called antistatic technology.

This bubble wrap is what must be used when shipping items that have electronic components such as circuit boards or anything related to computers. There are also a couple of other ways the bubble wrap is used which might be actually more popular than as a shipping material. Let’s take a look at a few that you do know, and perhaps a couple that you are not aware of.

bubble wrapPhotography: Flickr | Tola Brennan

Things You Can Do with Bubble Wrap

Besides being a valuable packaging material for fragile products, a bubble wrap can also be utilised as a sort of entertainment for children. Most kids will love popping the bubbles. There is just something entertaining about pressing on these bubbles, especially when hearing them pop and snap. Children can play with both small and large bubbles. Sometimes they prefer the smaller ones because there are more available. Other than a packing material, it is also a favourite makeshift toy that many kids enjoy.

Things You Didn’t Know about Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is actually celebrated on one particular day. It is called bubble wrap appreciation day. It is always done on the last Monday in the month of January. This all started because of a Bloomington radio station in Indiana.

There is also some talk of creating bubble wrap which will have bubbles that cannot be popped. However, this idea did not go very well. It might be better for transit, but it certainly would take away from the popping sounds that bubble wrap is known for.

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